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About Doctor Locum Australia

Doctor Locum Australia is committed to delivering a professional and personalised service, and make your relocation to a new country as smooth and pleasant as possible.
We provide more than a recruitment service, and help facilitate your immigration, and assist you and your family to relocate, in partnership with your new employer.
Our track record of satisfied customers is testimony to our professional approach.

Whatever your reason for choosing to undertake locum work, you want it to be as painless as possible. We know you are looking for:

  • A good match with your skills, grade and speciality
  • The best rate of pay available
  • Nationwide vacancies
  • Full information about the role
  • An agency that listens and acts on your requirements

We have hundreds of vacancies across Australia, and take the time to make sure we find what you want. We are contracted by numerous NHS Trusts to help them with their recruitment, often on an exclusive basis.


Doctor Locum Australia - Unprecedented Lifestyle Choices

Australia offers candidates around the world unprecedented lifestyle choices.

From sun sets over the beautiful Indian Ocean in Western Australia, with its dry hot to-mild climate, to the more exotic, tropical and developed Queensland, sophisticated Melborne in Victoria, to the dry outback of South Australia, and the wonderful wines in the Barossa Valley.

With some of the most beautifull landscapes on earth, and a rich and hugely diverse mix of cultures, Australia offers you an interesting, safe and first world lifestyle choice.

Many people move to Australia for the lifestyle it offers, that is, limited crime, a sophisticated banking, telecomms and electricty infrastructure, and a country that offers all the benefits of the first world, without many of the draw-backs, like over-population and pollution.
Often descrsibed as "first world with a smile", Australia also offers enormous opportunities for you to advance your career .

There are medical skills shortages the world over, and, coupled with the diverse population and environment Australia offers, you will never be short of learning opportunities.

Australia is growing and expanding its footprint to many undeveloped areas. It is a vast land, rich in resources, and the oppportunities these developments offer employers and employees alike, are boundless.

Join Doctor Locum

Doctor Locum is here to help you achieve your goals. It''s as important for us to understand your qualifications and experience as it is to understand you and your professional ambitions. Perhaps you are at the beginning of your career and want time to reconcile your bank balance and work out what sort of doctor you want to be.
Or perhaps you are fed up working long hours with great responsibility and want a better life balance.

Send us all your details, Including, marital status, Date of Birth, etc. Include your CV in word format and your job requirements.

We will find that special position for you.


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