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Unlike many other medical recruiters, we aren’t here to talk you into a job. We are here to help you find the medical career with the lifestyle that suits you and your family.

Whether you are looking to stay for a year or two, or want to re-locate to Australia permanently, there are a range of locum positions and specialist medical jobs to choose from.

As a locum doctor you can earn from $1000 - $2,500 a day in some locations.

Locum rates vary depending on your level of experience and the location of the job.

In order to work as a locum you will need Australian medical registration, medical experience in Australia and the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new surroundings and demands.

Our high standards, service levels and attention to detail mean we focus on matching your needs to the many vacancies we have available. Whether it’s long or short term, we take the time to make sure we find just what you are looking for. We are run and operated by a very experienced team with personnel who have worked in medical recruitment for years.
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Doctor Locum is here to help you achieve your goals. It''s as important for us to understand your qualifications and experience as it is to understand you and your professional ambitions. Perhaps you are at the beginning of your career and want time to reconcile your bank balance and work out what sort of doctor you want to be.
Or perhaps you are fed up working long hours with great responsibility and want a better life balance.

Send us all your details, Including, marital status, Date of Birth, etc. Include your CV in word format and your job requirements.

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